Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Noodler Piston Fill Roller Ball Pen And the Goulet Pen Company

Among ink manufacturers of the world, Noodler has acquired something of a cult status. It is like the Royal Enfield Bullet or the Harley Davidson among motor cycles. Either you think it is the ultimate or you do not care. There is nothing in between. The ink is manufactured by a pen enthusiast and collector, Nathan Tardit, in Massachusetts, USA. The range of inks in their inventory is truly amazing. They include broad types like standard, lubricating, bulletproof, eternal and invisible inks. The colour range is even more baffling, ranging from common blues to exotic pinks, oranges, browns and violets. Happily, they are among the few International Brands of fountain pen inks available on ebay India

While I am yet to experiment with Noodler inks, a very interesting item manufactured by Noodler Inks caught my fancy. Many other companies like Lamy, Pelikano, Kaweco, Monteverde, etc. Also manufacture these, but Noodler roller ball pens that can be filled with fountain pen inks are among the cheapest and the best regarded of the type.

The very idea of being able to fill a roller ball pen with any fountain pen ink of my choice caught my fancy and I decided that a Noodler piston fill roller ball pen is my next purchase. Now how does one go about it? They are not available in India at any brick and mortar or web store. While searching the net I came to know that Goulet Pen Company sells them online.

Now one word about Goulet. I came across this name on the Youtube while looking for some pen reviews. I liked their videos and later I was impressed by the large fan following they enjoyed on the FPN. The stories of the personal care Brian and his wife Rachel takes are stuff legends are made of.

So, I thought, why not experience both a great pen and a great store together in one go? Boy! Am I glad I made the decision! Shopping with Goulet Pen Co. Was one of the finest experiences I have ever had on the internet.  For one thing, the packet arrived all the way from USA to Faridabad in 9 days flat! The order was placed on 18th Aug and the packet was delivered to me on the 27th! What was more pleasantly surprising was a small handwritten personal note scribbled by Bian on the printed bill!

Enough about the company. Now the pen. The pen is a demonstrator meaning made of clear celluloid. The clip is oddly shaped, according to the Noodler guys, the design is based on extensive research and I do not doubt it. The top of the cap is adorned by a black top with noodle design on it.

The pen is small, measuring only 13 CM capped and 14.6 CM with cap posted. The cap is screw on and it takes just one full turn to close. Filling mechanism is piston type with a small 2.4 CM cap covering the piston mechanism at the back. 

The roller tip is steel with a porous material supplying ink from the reservoir. The metallic tip fits into a plastic housing which itself fits into the section by pressure. There are a few screw type ridges on it to ensure proper fit. Spare tips can be purchased in packs of four for less than a Dollar.

You fill the ink the same way you fill a piston fill fountain pen. Dip the nib and section into the inkpot till half the section is covered. Turn the piston all the down and back twice and you are done!

There is a very detailed instruction manual supplied along with the pen, which deals not only with cleaning and filling the pen, but also with all you need to know about repairs! Ideal for cheapos like me!

Writing! Well, it writes like any other ball pen! Smooth, clean and even flow! What more can one ask for? I have totally fallen in love with the pen, the concept and the store!

Encouraged by the experience, I am ordering a Kaweco Sports Classic Refillable Roller Ball Pen! Of course, that one looks sexier. Hope they perform as well too!

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  1. Great blog! :D Probably the only one in India. I was thinking about buying this pen too. Is the cleaning process easy?